Consociate Partners LLC

"You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods
and be in business tomorrow." -unknown

Business Expansion:

1. Achieving your financial goals through strategic and tactical means.

2. Growing your company's ability to impact your market space.

Business Expansion

You are planning to expand your current business and are looking for the appropriate expansion model. You may even consider international expansion and need to understand foreign markets, their potential and available resources. Your current growth strategy is not providing the results you are expecting. You are launching a new product or service and need a sound go to market strategy. Are you needing to expand your customer base or increase your financial relationship with your current customers?

Expansion is complex and challenging with a variety of different options which have to align with your business and growth strategy. It requires considering many variables to succeed.

At Consociate Partners we use our international experience gained in corporate, nonprofit, consulting and entrepreneurial environments to validate expansion models and help you develop, customize and implement strategies that will get you where you want to go.


Expansion Model Management

Expansion models require focused attention in order to deliver your desired growth. We help you create, design, implement and manage expansion models which provide for and sustain your corporate objectives.

Expansion Model Validation

Evaluation of your expansion portfolio to ensure your strategic Critical Success Factors will be achieved. We work to mitigate your risks by providing the appropriate framework for expansion planning and execution.