Consociate Partners LLC

"You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods
and be in business tomorrow." -unknown

Business Transformation:

1. A complete or major change in appearance, form or organization

2. Taking your organization from where it is to what you envision it could be.

Business Transformation

Are you considering fundamental changes to the way you are conducting your business? Does your current marketing and operational strategy support your business objectives? Are you concerned about being "disrupted" or do you have a culture of innovation to stay ahead of your competition? Is your current business strategy maximizing your strengths? Are you tasked with a project that has significant impact on your company's value chain?

At Consociate Partners we are using our experience gained in corporate, consulting, and entrepreneurial environments and proven methods to establish sustainable and supportable processes to realize your corporate objectives, manage change and drive cultural and organizational transformation.


Innovation Management

Strategic business outcomes are driven by innovation and sustained by operations, sales and marketing. It is important to the enterprise to continuously innovate in order to avoid disruption by more nimble competitors.   We'll help you evaluate your current innovative abilities and develop strategies and processes to build a sustainable culture of innovation.

Transformational Management

Transformational projects require focused attention and sound change management in order to deliver on the critical strategic and operational outcomes necessary to transform the business. They affect all aspects of your company. This means delivering value often throughout the organization.  Whether digital or physical outcomes, the speed and quality by which your teams support your new strategy and deliver on key performance indicators will determine your company's  success.